KEBA EV chargers continues to be the leader for homes, offices, car parks

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Since 2009, KEBA has been a leader in EV charging infrastructure for e-mobility. With over 40,000 units installed worldwide and counting KEBA EV chargers have a track record with proven technology and capability across the world in all environments.

1) Quality

All KEBA products meet the highest quality demands. KEBA manufacture exclusively at their state of the art production facility in Linz, Austria and continuously integrate numerous features for more safety and availability in their EV charger range.

2) Safety 

The highest levels of EV charging safety is achieved by Keba thanks to a combination of unique features including temperature de-rating, an integrated multi-rating device (current, voltage, and energy) for power monitoring or the auto-recovery function which also guarantees safe operation. The KEBA KeContact P30 also includes DC leakage detection, which eliminates the need for an expensive upstream RCD type B. The KEBA EV charger meets all Australian and European safety standards including Australian RCM Mark,  CE Declaration & Certification as well as being the Only Wallbox worldwide with a VDE certificate.

3) Versatility

The KEBA EV charger is IP54 & NEMA 3R rated for both Indoor and Outdoor use, making it suitable for just about any location. Further to this, Automatic reduction of amperage in case maximum temperature is reached through the use of two sensors permanently monitor temperature, preventing damage and increasing the lifetime of the Wallbox.

Keba Ice Bucket Challenge Video

4) Simplicity

With our “easy to use” claim, we always orientate ourselves to the requirements of all users. KEBA KeContact P30 therefore impresses with easy one-person installation, guided commissioning for supporting the initial system check and zero-touch operation. It is as simple as that.

5) Universality  

One box all EV’s on the market. The KEBA EV charger comes in several different variations suitable for all EV’s on the market. From low powered units with tethered cables suitable for homes, to high powered universal wall box fast chargers for public locations KEBA has an EV charging solution for all EV’s on Australian roads.

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