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How much does it cost to charge an Electric Car

What surprises most people when looking at the feasibility of swapping over to an electric vehicle is just how much of a cost saving they make.

EVSE Australia had a look at the numbers and I think you will agree, there is a significant cost saving when comparing filling up a regular car and charging your EV at home.

The average cost of electricity across Australia is about $0.25 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and it takes about 18 kWh of electricity to travel 100km in your EV, working out to be $4.5/100km. The charging costs at home for an electric vehicle could be reduced even further if the EV driver uses a home solar system and off-peak charging times. EV Charging cost is cheaper than petrol in every metric no mater the time of day, peak or off peak and weather your are charging your electric car from renewable or fossil fuel.

In comparison, the average car in petrol car in Australia uses 11.1 liters of fuel to travel 100km. The nearest petrol station to us is charging 1.26c per liter for petrol, which comes at a cost of $13.99 to travel the same 100km.

Importantly I don’t need to pull into a busy petrol station to fill up, I just drive straight into my garage, park my car and plug-in overnight with my EO Mini universal wallbox fast EV charger.

When you start adding in the reduced service and repair costs associated with electric vehicles you start to see why so many drivers are making the switch to electric vehicles.

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