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EVSE Australia Introduces the Ocular Flexi Load Controller

Control Your Use of Green and Grid Energy

The Only EV Charging Load Controller That Can Balance Grid and On-site Solar Energy

EVSE Australia announces the launch of the Ocular Flexi Load Controller, the only EV charging solution that can balance grid and on-site solar energy. The Ocular Flexi Load Controller offers businesses the best solution to capture the most from the sun to charge their EVs while avoiding any potential overloading of the existing electrical infrastructure.

EV chargers consume a large amount of power when in use; especially with multiple cars plugged in at once, the supply constraint for the building or that underground car park will quickly become a limiting factor. It’s the challenge that fleets, commercial and public parking spaces face when planning for EV charging infrastructure. All buildings & sites, irrespective of size, have energy supply limitations.

To alleviate this concern, EVSE Australia has partnered with Ocular Charging to invest in an EV charging solution which allows multiple electric vehicles to be plugged in & charged simultaneously without overloading the site’s electrical infrastructure. Our Ocular Flexi Load Controller also offers the ability to charge completely from the sun allowing businesses to maximise their green energy efficiency and meet their sustainability commitment.

The Ocular Flexi Load Controller can control up to 250 chargers and offers 3 forms of energy optimization.

  1. Load Management Only
  2. Solar Assist
  3. Solar Only

The Ocular Flexi Load Controller marks the significant improvement in our technology development – aligning with the company’s commitment to provide the best EV charging technology for Australians. The development will allow EVSE Australia to continue to be the leader in EV charging, providing easy to use, high performance and value-for-money technology and solutions.

We are really excited to offer such an innovative solution, which addresses one of the key barriers to mass market uptake of electric vehicles particularly in fleet, commercial and apartment segments. The Ocular Flexi Load Controller represents a revolution in how EV charging stations can now be deployed at scale, whilst decreasing overall installation costs and avoiding power upgrades. This latest development helps to support our mission to drive the electrification of the Australia’s vehicle fleet, and make it easier to own an EV.” Brendan Wheeler – General Manager, EVSE Australia.

The Ocular Flexi Load Controller will be available starting 1st August 2022. For more information on the Ocular Flexi Load Controller, visit evse.com.au.

About EVSE Australia:

EVSE Australia has been at the forefront of EV changing since our inception in 2015. It’s a status we’ve worked tirelessly to earn and maintain. Whether you’re searching for the ultimate in charging speed, advanced load capacity control, monetisation of a charging network, or low-cost overnight home charging, EVSE has you covered. Every charging product in our range uses state of the art technology that’s safe, compatible, and easy to use.

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