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Electric Car Charger Locations in Melbourne

Find the closet EV charger in Melbourne & Victoria. If you live in another part of Australia thats fine, juist use the search engine on the top left
Use this map to find the nearest electric car charge station to your location. Map courtesy of

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How to Give Your Electric Vehicle the Longest Life

While the cost of owning an electric car is relatively high compared to combustion engine cars, the significant outlay pays off in the long run in terms of maintenance costs. For starters, electric cars have fewer mechanical components than their fuel-powered counterparts. If you own an electric vehicle (EV), you won’t have to worry about […]
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Renault Australia to begin rolling out ZOE and Kangoo to Private Buyers

Expect to see many more Renault ZOE and Renault Kangoo EV’s at a Renault charging station near youRenault Australia released their highly anticipated ZOE and Kangoo ZE into the commercial market this year, opening up one of the world’s most popular EV’s to government and business purchases to announce it’s soft launch into the Australian […]
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