Electric Car Charging Etiquette

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Just like any public infrastructure, it is important to be considerate when charging your Electric car to maximise the availability for the general public. Considering how limited current resources can be. We don’t want to inadvertently prevent other drivers from charging.

Let’s look at the 4 Rules of EV Charging Etiquette

1.Plug-in vehicles only!

An obvious one but unless your car is electric then this bay is not for you. Currently there are no laws forcing motorist to adhere to signage. To help prevent this please ensure all EV charging have bays and signage to indicate that they are for electric cars only. In the past EV owners have contacted the charger owners and have displayed their frustration. Many EV owners are tired of petrol cars parking in their spots. If you are someone who does park in these places, don’t be surprised if you see your number plate floating around online forums and community groups.

2.Electric Car Charging only!

We know parking can be frustrating, but you should only park in the EV section, if you are going to charge! That bright green spot is attractive but use it wisely. If possible, move your vehicle once finished. EV car users have put their mobile phone number near their charging port in case someone is in dire need of a charge. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend displaying your phone number to strangers, this is a great idea and is extremely thoughtful of other EV drivers. If you have app notification on your car or charging app, please remove your car once the application notifies you to do so.

3.Do not unplug your neighbour

It’s tempting but it’s virtually impossible to unplug someone’s car due to locking mechanisms in the car-side (Type 2 sockets and some Type 1 sockets). Even if you can unplug it, don’t – you aren’t the only one who needs to charge your car. You are also touching someone’s property when you are doing this. This could inspire an altercation, that could escalate as fast as a DC charger.

4.Install more electric car charge points once demand is available and share if there isn’t

This one applies to many workplaces. It’s likely that you will not need the charger for the whole day, but depending on your job/how busy your day is, it can be tricky to move. Thus:

1)If there’s demand, try to schedule the days you can charge or swap during breaks

2)Get more charge points installed!

3)Plan to ensure your car is fully charged! That way you won’t be so desperate for a charge.

Cost of installing EV Charging Station

How to install an EV Charging Station

5.Be aware of the cable.

Not all cables are built equally. As some are lighter or studier than others. Cables like any device breakdown over time. This can be from incorrectly removing the cable from its socket, dropping the cable or over exposure to adverse weather conditions. If you are charging your cable, please make sure to rest it on its holder. That way insects do not crawl into the lead or worse, water.

Finally, Some General Tips for Charging

    • It’s important to stay calm about other people abusing the charge points. Annoying yes! But stay calm and in control. It isn’t against the law to behave obnoxiously.
    • Where possible choose a charger that will finish charging your car at around the same time as you will be ready to leave.  We don’t know of anyone who enjoys watching their car charge!
    • Think about the availability of EV Charging. If you’re planning a long trip you may want to stop at the second last EV charger you can reach to give yourself a safety buffer.
    • Destination charge whenever you can. Whilst this may feel different, it reduces your reliance on (usually) expensive and inconvenient rapid charging and means charging happens when you are busy doing other things
    • Understand your cars recommended charging capacity. For example, Tesla recommends their batteries do not to go under 15% or over 80% in order to maintain the battery’s integrity. They recommend that if you are charging over 80% that you only do so for long trips.
    • When in doubt, or when an error occurs with the charging station, make sure to let someone know. Whether that be the manufacturer of the charger, the re-seller or the business owner. As the quicker the problem is identified, the faster it can be solved. As no one wants to park in a charging station, that needs maintenance.

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