January 27, 2021

EVSE Australia has moved to a new logo to carry us through into the future of EV Charging!

Cameron Craig, EVSE As we enter our 6th year of EVSE Australia, we want to embrace the growth and dynamism that the EV market is experiencing right now, so we’ve come out with a fresh new logo to carry us into our next chap...
December 6, 2020

Vehicle to Grid V2G vs Vehicle to Home V2H. Which one to choose?

A question that is increasingly being asked by electric vehicle drivers is would a grid-based vehicle bi-directional connection be superior to a local vehicle to home network. This blog looks into the technology concept and...
November 16, 2020

Electrification of the Australian Mining Industry is beginning with Electric Land Cruisers, Dump trucks and Excavators

BHP, Rio Tinto, FMG and more are investing in an electric future with an increase in electrification of their lighter vehicles. BHP has already invested in electric Landcruiser’s for their Olympic Dam mining operation in So...
July 6, 2020

Embrace the Electric Smog Free Future 

We’ve seen the future and we all know it’s electric. COVID -19 showed the world a glimpse of what life will be like after we end pollution. Switching to clean energy often comes with push back and resentment for the simple ...
July 6, 2020

Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap WA Clean Energy Plans and EV Charging

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) stands for small scale generation and storage of electricity. This is made possible by the reduction in costs of renewable energy and technology which takes advantage of the aggregation of...
July 5, 2020

Charging your electric vehicle from the grid or your solar battery?

What is the best way to minimise your costs and carbon footprint. The main argument we need to address is: Does it make sense to charge an electric car with a home battery? This is an important argument and one that has mer...
April 13, 2020

Making your Development EV ready

9 steps to make your Development EV (Electric Vehicle) Ready “The installation of an EV charging station is made three to four times less expensive when the infrastructure is installed during the initial construction phase ...
March 18, 2020

Net Zero Plan EV Incentives

Net Zero Plan Stage 1: Incentives for EV Uptake & Charging in NSW The NSW Government has set an ambitious target of zero emission by 2050. The Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020–2030 aims to accelerate the reduction in emissio...
March 18, 2020

Load Management Electric Car Charging

Load Management Requirements in Electric Car Charging Load management is required where the combined power required to charge all cars plugged in exceed the building’s electrical supply infrastructure for charging EVs, whet...
March 18, 2020

Transport NSW Electric Vehicle Charging

Case Study: Electric Vehicle Charging – Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park EVSE has partnered with John Holland and Transport for NSW to create an electric charging system that integrates into the buildings Open Integratio...
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