Best EV road trips for Sydney Siders

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New South Wales is a beautiful state with a diverse and enriching culture that changes from town to town. As a human beings, we have a natural curiosity to explore new land, to change our scenery and to go on new adventures. As we see an increasing number of Australian’s begin their electric vehicle journey, electric car charging stations are being installed in these tourist hot spots. This encourages the uptake of electric vehicles and brings a spark in tourism for the local community. New South Wales has a diverse array of EV charging hotspots that would be a delight for any EV driver looking to head out of town for the weekend.

The Seabird –Moruya, NSW

Located four hours drive from the Sydney CBD, Moruya is one of those hidden south coast gems that would make for the perfect postcard. For lovers of all things sand, surf and sun, Moruya is hard to beat.  The Seabird is a boutique hotel with six luxury rooms that immerse its visitors in the unique sounds, views and wildlife of the Moruya River.  The Seabirds primary concern is sustainability, they reuse rainwater, use solar and most importantly for EV drivers, have a universal electric vehicle charging station. This will allow you to charge overnight while you explore the beautiful south coast of New South Wales. The south coast provides many options for tourists, including a skydiving, surfing and the Mogo Zoo.

Tamworth, NSW

Located five hours drive from Sydney, Tamworth is one of Australia’s cultural gems, being the home of Australian country music. Outside of the music, Tamworth is the perfect place for a family trip, having the Tamworth Marsupial Park, Oxley Scenic lookout and the Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum. Tourists will be enriched in the friendliness of the locals, as the city will make you feel right at home.  From a charging perspective Tamworth hosts two rapid DC chargers that can power your vehicle in a matter of minutes. These chargers can power tourists through their sightseeing and long road trips.  Don’t forget to pack your cowboy boots for this road trip.

Canberra, ACT

There was no way the capital of Australia was going to miss this list. As the city hosts an outstanding number of public chargers across the territory. As a road trip, the 3-hour highway drive is a straight drive that offers beautiful views of the Australian country side. The city itself is a museum fans dream, as it gives EV drivers the opportunity to see the Parliament house, the Australian War Memorial and the National Gallery of Australia. It also offers sporting fans a chance to see the Canberra Raiders and the ACT Brumbies play in their respective sports.  The ACT has an abundant amount of both DC Charging and Level 2 electric car charging stations.


Whether it’s the sound of the beach in the morning, the smell of fresh fish and chips or the sight of smiling people, every Sydney sider has a fantastic experience with Wollongong. Escape the concreate jungle by entering this wavy paradise, as the simple yet relaxing way of life will have you coming back for more. This can act as a great stop over on your way to the south coast or Canberra or can be your weekend getaway. The University of Wollongong hosts a rapid DC charging station that will refuel your vehicle in a matter of minutes, or why not head to Wollongong Central shopping centre and use their destination chargers while you enjoy some lunch and a spot of shopping.


After catching some waves during the summer, the next stop as the temperature begins to drop is riding the slopes of the Perisher and Thredbo ski fields during winter. Jindabyne is the closest town to the famous ski slopes, and the home base for many visitors to the area. The snowy mountains region offers jaw dropping views, fantastic ski resorts and some of the best fishing spots in Australia. The two car charging stations are located at the mouth of the Lake Jindabyne in the Snow River Avenue car park.


If pictures could talk, the photo above would scream 1000 words and sounds. Whilst have grown accustom to the quiet electric motor, the loud and roaring V8 supercars is still an Australian treasure. Outside of the racetrack Bathurst is famous for its rich heritage that dates back to the gold panning days. This is certainly a highlight for the kids and history lovers. Those of you with a finer taste pallet, Bathurst has many winerys and breweries to tour, giving you a little taste of Bathurst. EVSE was fortunate enough to contribute to this great town by installing an EO and a Tesla charger at the Bathurst Rail Museum.

EV Accessories you will may need for your road trip are:

Type 2- Type 2 EV Charging Cables –

Portable EV Charging Station-

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