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Founded in 2014 XPeng originated in China’s as an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer known for its innovative approach to automotive design. Focusing on creating smart, high performance EVs XPeng has integrated cutting edge features such as autonomous driving capabilities and over the air software updates into their vehicles.


We Charge XPeng’s Everywhere They Go

XPeng EVs keep up the reputation of the Chinese manufacturer with their sleek looks and smooth drives. These vehicles give the driver complete control, with drivers enjoying the mobility and acceleration of an electric vehicle. XPeng charging stations ensure you’re on the road faster using cleaner energy.


Whether it’s the G6, the P5 , or the G3i, we charge all XPeng's and every vehicle on the Australian market.


Our installation team has years of experience installing EV chargers. They work alongside our electrician engineering team to ensure that we have the best charging solution possible.

On-Site Evaluation

Our on-site evaluations follow a strict checklist on what potential problems may occur on a site. We then make recommendations on these problems in our proposal.

Reduce Your Bills

EVSE chargers reduce the amount spent on public charging stations. This also gives you an easy and convenient location to recharge your vehicle.


Our products are covered by IP and IK rankings that can withstand mechanical impact, rust and weather conditions. Our XPeng chargers are covered by market leading warranties.

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Frequently Asked Questions on XPeng Charging Stations

Electric motorcycles are rapidly changing, and you need a charger that can keep up to date with these changes. Our smart home system is a market-leading product that can change the way Australians refuel their vehicles

Home Charging Behavior

What is the difference between level 1 and level 2 XPeng charger?

Level 1 charging refers to the portable 10amp and 15amp chargers. These chargers are light and flexible but do not have the charging speeds of a level 2 charger. For most PHEVs, a 15amp portable charger is the most appropriate solution. For larger PHEVs or fully electric vehicles, a level 2 AC charger is recommended. These chargers require installation and charge at a much faster speed than a level 1 charger. These chargers come in single and three-phase and can effectively charge every car on the market.

What is a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)?

A PHEV is an advanced vehicle that uses either an electric motor or an internal combustion engine (ICE) to power the vehicle. The ICE engine can also be used in EV mode when strong acceleration is required. We have found that PHEV is a good solution for EV drivers who have limited access to charging stations or drive long distances daily. Having a PHEV means that you will still need petrol to refuel your vehicle. However, a PHEV still runs at a consumption rate much lower than a regular ICE.


Home charging speeds are dependent on the power supply, AC or DC charging supply, and the vehicle. Our electrician can determine the available power at your home and determine the right solution for you. DC is not recommended for home.


*external factors such as state of charge, temperature, and load management can affect speed

Home XPeng Charger Installation

Charge your XPeng at home or work by installation a high powered XPeng charger

Home XPeng Charger Installation Cost

For residential installations, we offer a fixed-price XPeng charging station installation service. A home charger gives you the comfort and convenience of being fully charged every day. For larger Commercial sites we recommend an electrician provide a complimentary site survey to determine the cost of a XPeng Charger installation. We then provide you with a report and a fixed price. We make charging your XPeng easy.

XPeng Home Charger Installation

Upgrade your charging speed with a Level 2 XPeng wall charging station install. Better yet upgrade to our smart solar systems to take advantage of clean energy.

Take advantage of our fixed-price installation service. We make owning an electric vehicle easy.

Our EV Solutions are Trusted by Some of Australia’s Biggest Brands

Xpeng Charging has never been easier

Whether you purchase a PHEV or a BEV or an EVSE smart system or basic system, charging has never been easier. The chargers use a simple plug-and-play system that requires the user to plug the charging cable into their vehicle. Important things to consider when charging can be:

  • Type of cable that your vehicle takes
  • Where your vehicle’s outlet is located
  • What type of cable the charging station requires

Customer Testimonials

I have been a XPeng owner all my life and I was nervous when purchasing my G6. All these fears and worries soon went away when my home charging unit was installed by EVSE. I was amazed at how easy it was to charge, it was as simple as charging my iPhone. The service by the team was sensational, as they talked me through which cables to buy and which charging station my G6 required. I was very grateful for the service I received.

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