The Electric Vehicle Revolution

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Disrupt the system; this is a motto that has been fuelling those invested in the creation of the electric car. With technology rapidly growing in all areas, the electric vehicle may have faced the most barriers with coming to existence, with the competition of the traditional petrol fuelled vehicles but in a society that is growing increasingly environmentally conscious and more open to new ideas, the electric vehicle is starting to pick up in popularity. With price, range and infrastructure, like public EV charging stations, being some of the biggest barriers for consumers, their needs are starting to become met. Since the technology is improving and there is more understanding, production costs are starting to lower therefore the prices of cars like the Tesla model will be dropping to almost half the price with their next evolution.

Current well-known car manufacturers are starting to come on board as, like Volvo, General Motors and Volkswagen; no longer is a particularly niche market. Since more cars are coming into rotation as well, not only will the range increase but soon there will be second-hand models on the market which will make it more affordable for the average consumer. As the popularity is increasing, and there is more pressure to cater, infrastructure is being developed to accommodate. It is not uncommon now to see EV charging stations in places like airports, shopping centres and city parking. The electronic vehicle revolution is coming and EVSE has seized the opportunity for EV vehicles. 

Advantages of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

It is always better to be at the forefront of technology and evolution, rather than constantly playing catchup and with electric vehicles starting to gain popularity, investing in EV charging stations for your business may be the next big step you take. Not only will you be embracing the turn of the new world, it is one way to make it known what your business values. As people are becoming more environmentally conscious and more sustainability focused, investing in EV charging stations will broadcast a statement that your business also has those values.

By installing these stations, you will be providing a service that other businesses and car parks may not currently which if your business relies on footfall, this will increase it because while the technology is new; it is better to be the business that has the stations now than be known as the one that does not have them in the future. Equipping your business now is future-proofing, as the government and societal pressure is encouraging the growth of the electronic vehicle market and manufacturers are starting to make this technology more accessible to the every day consumer; you will be ahead of the curve and that is something that benefits every business in the long run. EVSE is here for the long-term and provide car charging stations for your residential or commercial property.

Partners with EVSE

When it comes to EV charging stations, there are many ways and services that are partners with EVSE. As we are Australia’s leading supplier of EV charging stations or electronic vehicle service equipment, we are committed to giving businesses, dealerships and manufacturers the opportunity to grow their business with EVSE. There are different areas that EVSE can partner with businesses, and one of those as a dealership partner. If it is your mission to supply customers and consumers with EV charging stations and electronic vehicle infrastructure, that partnering with EVSE is a way to help you on your quest. As we are a Australia’s leading supplier, with access to a wide range of stock, we are able to supply with you with what you need.

Another avenue that is available is if you are a qualified electrician looking to diversify and grow your business into a new space. As EVSE is approached with supplying charging stations, we also have a network of allied installers that they recommend when supplying stations to companies. As safety is our number one priority, if you become a trusted partner, we will recommend you to their clients for installation. If you believe you have a product that would benefit or complement EVSE and looking for a way to distribute it nationwide, then contact them today. As they have access to installers and consumers nationwide, they can help you distribute your product. Partnering with EVSE has lots of benefits, so if you believe you are a fit, whether it is through dealership, installation or distribution, contact EVSE today.

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