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How to Safely Charge Your Electric Car at Home

There is no doubt electric mobility is here to stay in Australia and around the world. 2022 also promises an exciting inflow of electric vehicles (EV) due to the inflation of world oil prices. Drivers who are thinking of switching to EV might be wondering about charging methods: what is the best way to fill up their car’s battery every day? For most consumers who don’t own an electric car or have never driven one, EVs can be a mystery, especially on the topic of charging.

When it comes to charging an EV, even though it takes longer to charge than filling up a gas tank, more than often, you don’t have to leave the house to fill up the battery. There are 2 different levels of EV charging you can deploy at home to fill up your car’s battery. Level 1 charging is the slowest level but also the most accessible one which allows you to fully charge your car in about 26 hours depending on your battery’s capacity. This charging option usually comes as a package together with your EV. It works by just plugging the cable that comes with your EV into a normal wall outlet. However, an old powerpoint can cause problems when charging regarding safety as it might be on a circuit shared with other appliances such as kettles which can trip the circuit breaker and leave your car uncharged overnight. Additionally, it can also damage the domestic socket from overheating.

So, can you charge your electric car with an extension cord? If charging an EV on a domestic outlet is dangerous, no doubt it’ll be even riskier using an extension cord. Most domestic extension cords are simply not designed to transfer the high power that an EV demands.

Level 2 chargers are the most common type of chargers out there which work 3 to 10 times faster than the level 1 chargers. They are often found at commercial or residential charging locations.

What is the best solution to charge your EV at home?

A Wallbox would be ideal for charging your EV at home as it is purposely built to help you get the most out of your EV. It is also robust, safer, and faster than any other non-certified charging method. Technology has been developed to integrate safety features into a dedicated home charger to dramatically reduce the risk of fires and electric shock. So, if any electrical faults happen during the charge, the charger will immediately stop the power transfer and automatically release the charging cable. This means that it will save your EV, your home and your grid connection from unnecessary stress.

Besides the safe charging experience, it’s also faster to power your electric car by a home charging station than using a normal powerpoint. For example, you can get 40km of range per hour using a 7kW home charger to fully top up your MG ZS within 7 hours.

Another benefit of having a certified home charging station is that they are always designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as heat or rain. You will be reassured that your car and home are safe from any potential electrical shocks or surges. EV Wallboxes are designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, rated to the certified Australian regulations & standards that ensure a safe and reliable charge.

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