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EV Charger Locations in Sydney

Find the closet EV charger in Sydney and NSW. If you live in another part of Australia that’s fine, just use the search engine on the top left
Use this map to find the nearest electric car charge station to your location. Map courtesy of

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Why you need a universal EV charger for your business, car park or public

All across Australia, households, businesses, car parks, councils and governments are rolling out Universal Electric vehicle charging stations. Unlike Europe and the U.S where standardization has been mostly achieved, Australia is in a unique situation whereby different cars require a different charging cable to charge up. Imagine if when you pulled up to a petrol […]
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What is the Electric Vehicle Charging Standard in Australia?

More electric vehicles (EV’s) than ever are now rolling out across Australia’s roads with the introduction of models from Tesla (Model S, Model X), BMW (i3), Nissan (Leaf), Mitsubishi (MiEV, Outlander), Holden (Volt) with many more expected to be introduced over the coming years within the affordable price bracket. As a result public charging infrastructure […]
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