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EV Charger Locations in Sydney

Find the closest EV charger in Sydney and NSW. If you live in another part of Australia that’s fine, just use the search engine on the top left
Use this map to find the nearest electric car charge station to your location. Map courtesy of plugshare.com

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Electrifying Delivery and Logistics Fleets

Why Global Delivery and Logistics Fleets are Electrifying Now With the world turning to cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy, the pressure for vehicles to follow suit only grows. Hence, we are now seeing an electric revolution in fleets around the world. From huge global supply fleets such as Linfox to the local police […]
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Can I own an electric car (EV) in Australia if I live in an apartment?

How to charge your electric car in an apartment and enjoy the benefits of electric car ownershipA common misconception is that EV charging can be difficult for people that live in an apartment and also want to own an electric car. Given the rising population growth in Australia’s capital cities and a shift toward apartment […]
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