EV Public Charging in 2021: What the Experts Are Doing NOW

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EVSE Australia shares their inside experience into the rapidly growing public electric vehicle charging market

EV public charging

A rapid charging station recharging a Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai

EV charging has changed a lot since the humble beginnings of early EV models way back in the start of the 2010s. Back then, you’d be lucky to live in a city that even had public EV charging stations, let alone having the convenience of being able to use them! Early public charging stations were expensive, difficult to use, and just plain ugly.  On top of that, there weren’t many EVs on the road, meaning little real payoff for businesses. This stopped many from actually adopting the technology at a high rate.

Thankfully, the modern public EV charging landscape has undergone a drastic shift to be a genuinely viable consideration fit for all kinds of businesses.

Instead of those older alternatives, businesses opt for intelligent EV chargers that are OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compatible. That means they can operate via an online platform to conduct “smart charging” actions, like billing users and managing the charge point. Essentially, the new generation of public chargers are all using OCPP and having customers pay for their charging via an online platform, usually through a mobile app.

EVSE recommends our preferred OCPP provider, Exploren, to operate on any intelligent charger and provide secure billing and ChargePoint management. Smart business owners are getting on board with Exploren and intelligent charging because they know they can get more than just a few extra cents from supplying electricity. The real return on investment with providing public EV chargers is brand awareness & foot traffic

OCPP Platforms also give access to branding opportunities, like within the Exploren mobile app. Users search for places to charge and will see business logos and marketing material when they look at a charger to use. This offers a great an opportunity for businesses to leverage themselves as a progressive and eco-friendly, which is only becoming more important. Alongside the Exploren network, most EV drivers use Plugshare to find EV charging stations along their journeys. Businesses can leverage themselves even further by having their station listed online. This ends up potentially giving them access to every EV driver who passes through their area.

Many businesses offer free EV charging because they’ve seen the benefits a beacon like this can have. On top of that – imagine the power of being one of the first public EV chargers in your area! It’s easier to get a charging station supplied & installed than ever. EVSE Australia provides a complete turnkey solution for public EV charging across both AC and DC intelligent charging stations.

Want to become a leading business in your local area with your own public charger? Contact us on 1300 406 210 or email sales@evse.com.au today!

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