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We’ve seen the future and we all know it’s electric. COVID -19 showed the world a glimpse of what life will be like after we end pollution. Switching to clean energy often comes with push back and resentment for the simple reason of cost. But we only have to look at the image above to see the real benefits. It pays itself off immediately because the air is cleaner saving lives, money and the environment.

Smog, smog everywhere from Los Angeles, Shanghai, New Delhi and more. It’s the inevitability of major cities. Polluting vehicles, factories, fossil fuel energy generation and more lead to dense thick smog. Global estimates are that 2 million people dies from smog. More than a global pandemic. Yet the vaccine is already here and the technology is already at price parity.

Fossil fuel combustion drives the global workforce and therefore continues to be the largest sources of pollution in the world. What’s clear is there needs to be a global response from it’s 7 billion inhabitants. Shifting to Solar, hydro, batteries and electric vehicles through workplace and electric car charging at home represent the only way to improve air quality and reduce global warming. But the message must shift from promoting the environmental benefits to the technological and cost benefits.

Clean energy makes sense from an economical point of view. Imagine this. A petrol vehicle vs an electric vehicle.

  1. Petrol vehicle requires oil to be discovered and refined. It’s then transported across the worlds in pipelines and super tankers. Once it reaches its destination you have to refine the crude oil down to the required petroleum grades. But that’s not it. Then a further transportation step sends the refined petroleum to petrol stations for the end consumer. Easy!
  2. Electric Vehicles require electricity which can easily accessed via utilising existing infrastructure. We just need to build the electric car charging stations and there we have it. No more extracting, refining, transporting and storage of petroleum. So we get cleaner air, while using the existing infrastructure we have better.

What is Smog and why is it so bad?

Smog an intense pollution typically contains sulphur oxides, smoke, nitrogen oxides, and other particulates. We find smog comes typically from coal combustion, vehicle tailpipe emissions and heavy industry.COVID has shown the globe what life can be like after pollution. Remove fossil fuel based vehicles from the road and replace with battery electric cars and the solution will happen quickly.

Importantly EV’s can be powered by green sources of energy and so utilising electric cars does not mean you shift the problem to the generators. Solar, wind, hydro, nuclear and more can be used to power our everyday transport. We’re not shifting the problem but finalising the solution. Tesla has forseen this future with it’s network of tesla charging stations

How can smog affect my health?

Exposure to smog can lead to several different types of short-term health problems due to its ozone content. These include:

  • Coughing and throat or chest irritation: High levels of ozone can irritate your respiratory system, generally lasting for a few hours after you’ve been exposed to smog. However, ozone can continue to harm your lungs even after symptoms disappear.
  • Worsening of asthma symptoms: If you suffer from asthma, exposure to high levels of ozone from smog can trigger asthma attacks.
  • Difficulty breathing and lung damage: Smog can make it feel difficult to breathe deeply, especially during exercise, according to the Mayo Clinic. This is because of the effects of ozone on lung function.

It’s important to note that smog affects everyone differently, and some people are more susceptible to its negative effects. Children, seniors, and people with asthma need to be especially careful on smoggy days.

How can I protect myself from smog?

Smog becomes a concern when ozone exposure increases. The Air Quality Index (AQI)  from zero to 300. When levels exceed 150 ozone exposure is considered unhealthy for anyone, and levels above 200 are considered very unhealthy.

PM2.5 the reason we need to go electric?

Exposure to PM2.5 (particulate matter that is smaller than 2.5 micrometers is has clear associations with heart and lung diseases. However we also know than this microscoptic air pollution leads to cognitive disorders, cancers, and low birthweights. PM 2.5 are 20 times smaller than human hair penetrating deeply into human lungs and the bloodstream. Smog typically contains large amounts of  PM2.5. Much of the dangers of pollution comes from these fine particles.

What this means for EV’s and EVSE Australia.

What’s clear is that EV’s are an immediate solution to Smog filled cities. Communities across the world understand and feel the impact of pollution especially in developing economies around the world. We have the resources, technology and environmental capacity to begin removing this by product of the industrial revolution.

EVSE Australia is the nations leading supplier of Electric car chargers, charging cables and all EV accessories. Founded in 2014, EVSE Australia has rapidly grown to become a leading authority around EV infrastructure through strong partnerships with leading EV charging companies and major car manufacturers.

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