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Electric Buses – Transitioning Alongside EVs

Diving deeper into how the electric revolution is impacting the bus transportation industry with electric buses

The familiar rumbling of buses is becoming a thing of the past – but how fast?

Well, for right now, you’ll still be hearing those rumbles for a little while if you live in Australia. Fortunately, it’s not going to stay that way forever though. Multiple state governments are trialling and rolling out electric buses in the community to reduce their emissions and save on ongoing costs while providing more comfortable journeys to commuters.

Here’s where they’re at now: Diving deeper into how the electric revolution is impacting the bus transportation industry

Volvo Electric Bus Charging

NSW Electric Bus Fleet:

  • 10 Vehicles
  • 328kW battery capacity uses around 80kW/hr, regenerates 30-40% of battery capacity through regenerative braking
  • Gemilang-bodied, BYD electric chassis
  • Routes chosen out of proximity to Leichhardt depot where charging stations are located
  • Bus charging infrastructure installed to support depot

Victoria Electric Bus Fleet:

  • 324kW battery capacity, construction/fit-out by Volgren
  • Reportedly travelled over 1000km in just two charges, demonstrating the capability of the regenerative braking
  • Trial to end in October 2021, with assessment on future eBuses to follow

Queensland Electric Bus Fleet:

  • 4 Vehicles based in Brisbane
  • 348kW battery capacity with over 300km of range
  • QLD gov plans every new bus added from 2025 to be zero-emissions
  • Charged by 15 Tesla powerwalls that have power supplied from 250 solar panels, meaning the fleet is truly zero-emissions

Most states have already or are beginning to discuss transitioning public transport systems to zero-emissions alternatives from 2025. Of course, the feasibility studies of eBus usage will play a significant role in this. Most notably, the nature of high-use vehicles like buses only help the case to electrify – as recouping initial costs for the vehicles comes faster as more distance is travelled. Considering the costs of fuel and the next-to-nothing costs of electricity (when using renewable energy sources like solar paired with batteries), we at EVSE Australia see eBuses as a win-win for governments and commuters alike!

Even with all of the benefits for governments and commuters mentioned, a key stakeholder in the Australian eBus market is the opportunity to boost Aussie manufacturing in the sector.

We’ve seen overseas governments already made big leaps into electric buses with huge success. For example, London had a huge fleet with over 400 eBuses at the start of 2021, and is also planning to have an extra 300 added by the end of the year. This adoption is just a small example of the widespread uptake seen across the UK, with ambitious government investment measures supporting the charge.

Electric Bus Charging Australia

Nexport BYD-built eBus in Sydney

To keep up to date with the developing electric bus stage, we recommend visiting our Electric Bus Fleet section and following our social media channels! If you’re looking for solutions for your fleet, call us on 1300 406 210 or email today.

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