October 20, 2023

Understanding the New National Construction Code Regulations for EV for EV Charging Infrastructure in Australian Car Parks 

The National Construction Code (NCC) has introduced new requirements for EV charging infrastructure in carparks associated with certain building classes. As per the latest NCC update, parking lots in Class 2, 3, 4, 6, 7b, 8...
July 7, 2023

Discover the best EV chargers for your home (AC Models)

Find the most appropriate EV Charger to suit your needs   With more and more EV charging options entering the market every day, how do you choose the best-performing charger for your home?  We’ve done all the research...
May 10, 2023

A Comprehensive Overview of Grants and Incentives Across Australian States

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining in popularity in Australia as more people recognise the benefits they offer, including reduced emissions, lower running costs, and a smoother driving experience. To encourage more Austral...
April 12, 2023

How Long Do EV Batteries Last? Debunking the Myths and Exploring the Future

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their environmental friendliness and lower operating costs compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. However, some potential EV buyers...
March 23, 2023

Meet the Team! Anna Rigert – EVSE Australia Marketing Coordinator

Anna is a new member that we’re happy has joined the EVSE Marketing Team in the Sydney office, given her positive attitude and marketing expertise. Study I hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Managemen...
March 21, 2023

Meet the Team! Phebie Haroun –  EVSE Australia BDM

Phebie is a new member of the EVSE Team, based in the Sydney office to help customers find the products and services that they need within the sphere of EV charging. She has empathy for new clients as they try to navigate q...
March 21, 2023

Meet the Team! Emanoeil Pourhakoupian – EVSE Australia BDM

Emanoeil is a new member, having joined the NSW office in March 2023 to help customers find the products and services that they need to understand the full-service solution that EVSE offers across EV charging hardware, soft...
March 21, 2023

Meet the Team! Jesse Swanson – EVSE Engineering Intern

Jesse is a new member that we’re really glad has joined the EVSE Team in the Brisbane office, given his positive attitude and engineering expertise that will boost the QLD crew. Study I’m at QU for an Engineering degree. Ha...
January 13, 2023

How EV Owners Will Monetize Their Garage

Jon Asmussen, Head of Business Development, Twilio IoT Since 2015, electric vehicle (EV) ownership has increased on average 50% per year. That growth is only set to continue as EVs are projected to make up over 60% of globa...
August 11, 2022

Electric Mining Vehicles

The 4 Key Benefits of Electric Mining Vehicles in the Mining Industry While electric vehicles have taken a storm in the consumer market, this useful technology is gradually making its way into the mining industry. There are...
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