KWIK Portable Type 2 Charger | w/ Adaptable Tails | 16.5 kW

From: $1,980.00


From 8A single phase all the way up to 32A 3 phase unlock every powerpoint in Australia with the portable to rule them all. With automatic plug recognition and advanced touchscreen you can ensure a safe, reliable and secure charge with one portable charger.

This bundle contains the following:

  • 6.8m Length
  • Carry case
  • 240V 10A connector tail (Single Phase)
  • 240V 15A connector tail (single phase)
  • 240V 32A connector tail (single phase)
  • 415V 20A connector tail (three phase)
  • 415V 32A connector tail (three phase)  (Delivers 24 Amp maximum)


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