Meet the Team! Phebie Haroun –  EVSE Australia BDM

Phebie H Photo

Phebie is a new member of the EVSE Team, based in the Sydney office to help customers find the products and services that they need within the sphere of EV charging. She has empathy for new clients as they try to navigate questions in our growing industry around Single-Phase vs Three-Power, charging rates, universal or tethered products.


I’ve completed a Bachelor of Business (general) at Western Sydney and now study a Master of Business Administration after hours and online. Really enjoyed topics in the investment portfolio management and finance space because they were challenging and had a real use.


Transurban (Linkt) was my most recent role as the NSW Hardship Officer, handling enquiries where clients can’t pay their tolls or are experiencing sensitive circumstances. Having also worked as a Customer Relationship Specialist at a Collections Agency, I’d say my main attributes are being a hard worker and always trying to find solutions that suit both the customer and the company.


Watching Netflix. I watch Friends on repeat, and true crime documentaries.

What brought you into EVSE to take the role?

Customer service and the credit industry during prior roles led me to want a more business focused team and brand. I’m excited to be with EVSE!


Seeing Teslas become more popular, really common and mainstream on our roads is a good sign.

Favourite film and book

The Great Gatsby.


Top 40 on the radio.

Best place you’ve visited

Egypt for the cultural heritage.

Place you want to visit

All across Europe; Mykonos, France, Venice, etc.

Are you a revhead? Cars are functional for me. My Dad helped me buy my first car, a Toyota RAV4 which is luckily still going after a few accidents. I wasn’t at fault, promise!

EV to buy in the future

Tesla Model 3.


Pepperoni Pizza.


Have a big, loving family with about 4 kids. The chaos seems fun.

Time management

I use a phone calendar to remind me of time sensitive deadlines as well as schedule all the fun things I’ll do on the weekend/after work.

What makes a successful business

Being crazy-committed and dedicated at all times.

Things to buy

To buy and live in a mansion without many people around.

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