Meet the Team! Jesse Swanson – EVSE Engineering Intern

new team member

Jesse is a new member that we’re really glad has joined the EVSE Team in the Brisbane office, given his positive attitude and engineering expertise that will boost the QLD crew.


I’m at QU for an Engineering degree. Having started in mechanical, I moved to a completely different stream around Justice and will now complete a Mechatronic Electrical and Aerospace major. I’m in the middle of my dissertation at the moment.

Joining EVSE

Wanting to learn about sustainable transport and the reduction of our impact on the environment so EVs were a logical step. Luckily I stumbled on the position and researched the company as I know that charging and electrified travel is beneficial to the decarbonization of the atmosphere. Eventually, I want to get into the space industry, which is not that big in Australia.


Roles recently have covered customer service at City Beach, store person, QLD Police service as a Protective Security Guard at the State Government courthouses. Those 12-hour shifts were brutal!

I’ve been a glazier for frameless glass installs for windows, showers and pools and stayed close to retail while working at BWS. Just a bit of variety!

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

Hanging out with friends or bushwalking. Getting outdoors on a 4×4 trip. There’s not much camping or road tripping at the minute with work and study but I have time to go to the gym and get the odd arcade session or escape room done on the weekends.

Sustainability. Electric vehicles are clearly the future. They’re cost effective, quieter, pollute less and there are only so many non-renewable resources that we can consume. Internal combustion engines won’t work out in the long run. Why not harness solar so they can run and power themselves?

Favourite film or TV show? I’m not sure but if I start a show I have to finish it, whether it’s quality or garbage.

Favourite book? Philosophy on any subtopic.

Music. A true mix of opera, normally listening to indie rock, heavy metal for exercise, classical for study.

Best place you’ve visited. Dover in the UK. The white cliffs and castle were one of the best sites ever. I got to hang my legs over the cliff….but you should avoid the town, hahaha.

Place you want to visit. Montenegro. Western Europe for the history.

Are you a revhead? I’m all about reliability and getting from A to B. My Proton Gen 2 was an early car and now I have a cheap Mitsubishi Pajero which is still going strong, even after some modifications.

EV to buy in the future. I’d love a Honda E or an Audi RS Etron GT

Food. Italian food. Sushi and Indian

Goals. Own a property with some land attached after I move into a full time position with EVSE.

Time management. You can’t control time. I just try to fit everything that I have to do in my waking hours. Commuting on a 2.5hr round trip is kind of deadly but it stops you procrastinating and deploys your willpower.

What do you see as the key benefits of the EVSE brand? Our efficiency of responses and quoting as we grow is pretty impressive. Phone and email are used a lot to answer questions for potential clients.

What do customers mention as the most helpful thing? The efficiency of replies that they receive.

What makes a successful business. Standardisation – templates that allow just the customization in the right amount for clients.

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