Meet the Team! Emanoeil Pourhakoupian – EVSE Australia BDM

Emanoeil Pourhakoupian

Emanoeil is a new member, having joined the NSW office in March 2023 to help customers find the products and services that they need to understand the full-service solution that EVSE offers across EV charging hardware, software, advice, installation and support.


I completed a TAFE Diploma in Marketing back in 2015. Really wanted to get into sales with an energetic and growing company.

What do you see as the key benefits of our brand? I would say the key benefit is our full-service offering. Being able to cover advice, hardware, installation, software and support is rarely done well in the market.

What brought you to EVSE to take the role? The job description for a sales role and recent graduate as well as my growing confidence, based on prior work experience and the knowledge that I’m able to talk to others and learn all product details quickly. The interview with Austin was pretty casual which put my mind at ease.


In the past I’ve been on the tools with work like waterproofing, roofing, demolition and plumbing. I was a Data Analysis and Logistics Coordinator for several states to get the order processing and invoicing right on home deliveries at Fantastic Furniture for a few years.

Enjoy in your spare time? TV shows, podcasts, documentaries and reading. Time with family. Training in the gym.

Sustainability. I like where EVSE is headed, particularly product that uses solar power through government subsidies including the Ocular IQ Solar.

Favourite film or TV show? Breaking Bad, The Last of Us, Power.

Favourite book. Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. How to Win Friends and Influence People from Dale Carnegie and of course, the Harry Potter books.

Music. Fairly eclectic; from hardstyle, deep house, 80’s, 90’s, metal, and country to anything that sounds good.

Best place you’ve visited. Singapore with my family when I was first moving to Australia and the culture shock I experienced with the amazing foods, scenery, and being able to experience different cultures and walks of life.

Place you want to visit. Armenia is my homeland; I’d love to return there. The Maldives. Maybe the cold of Alaska as a place to retire one day.

Are you a revhead? I’m not into cars and can’t be bothered modifying. It is all functional transport to me.

EV to buy in the future. Tesla Model 3 for sure!

Food. Mediterranean; Mum’s cooking.

Goals. Setting a new sales record for a recent starter in Q4, F23.

Time management. I’ve got to be organized to be efficient with my time by noting details of the priorities that have to happen. I’ll always be reliable and early, never late.

What do you see as the key benefits of our brand? The LCD screens on the charging hardware give instant feedback. Our internal team environment is different to anything I’ve seen before. We don’t have toxic secret office conversations; everyone is invested in helping others.

What do customers mention as the most helpful thing? Getting back to them quickly.

What makes a successful business? The mindset of the owners and managers is based on how they treat and support their employees with understanding and respect. Giving more info than is requested is a positive sign when a question is asked.

Things to buy. An investment property or two would be ideal. Inflation and the price of living in Sydney is a hurdle to overcome or look to buy in VIC / QLD.


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